8 Extravagant Toilet Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

Toilets are very basic fixtures. Push a handle and the water in the tank runs into the bowl to flush down your business. The tank refills for the next person.

But what if your toilet could do more? What if it could eliminate fights about who left the toilet seat down and erase any trace of your embarrassing smells?

Turns out it can. And much more.

Here are 8 of the most extravagant features available on a toilet that you didn’t know you needed.

Seat warmer

Never suffer through your morning business on a cold toilet seat again! Seat warmers on many models even have adjustments that give you precise control over the seat’s temperature. You can be like Goldilocks and find the setting that’s just right.

Motion-activated toilet lid

Do you dread bending over and touching the toilet lid? Toilet manufacturers have you covered with motion-activated lids.

Not only can they automatically lower the lid for women, but some also lift the toilet seat automatically so the men of the household can do their business while standing.

Then, when you’re done, the seat and lid close themselves. Could life get better?


Bidets are all over Europe and Asia. But they haven’t become commonplace in the United States. Perhaps coming built-in to a toilet will help change that.

When you’re done using the toilet, simply tap a button and the bidet will gently rinse you off, eliminating or reducing your need for toilet paper.

And since you don’t want to get up all wet, most toilets that come with a bidet also have an…

Air dryer

When the bidet has done its thing, a dryer on the toilet blows you dry. Hands-free cleaning is the best!

Touchless flushing

Stand up, wave your hand, and you’re done. The toilet will take care of the rest (though you’ll still need to pull your pants up).

Advanced models can even save water by analyzing what you left in the bowl and use just the right amount of water to wash it down the drain. How thoughtful!


Be embarrassed by your smells, no longer. Toilets with deodorizers erase your stink in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Carbon filters — These filters in the toilet bowl remove smells before they reach the air.
  • Fragrances — Like a built-in air freshener, a fragrance is sprayed that leaves the room smelling super fresh.

Music player

Because you don’t want someone to hear you doing your business, toilets can connect to bluetooth devices to play music. Others have an SD card where you can load a custom bathroom playlist.

Feet warmer

Your bottom is warm, so your feet should be too. While you go, warm air is blown on your feet from the base of the toilet.

Some toilets have it all

High-end toilets with all of these features cost from $6,000 to over $10,000 (see Kohler Numi and the Toto Neorest). Yikes!

But that doesn’t mean you have to be a high roller to experience this kind of luxury. There are toilets with many of these features at much more reasonable prices.

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Photo at top of article is of the Kohler Numi. Photo credit.

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