Plumber smiling inspecting tankless water heater

Professional water heater flush and fill maintenance to extend the life of your equipment!

You already know that regular maintenance is vital for extending the life of your equipment and saving money in the long run, whether it’s your car or your cooling and heating system. Not surprisingly, this principle applies to water heaters as well. Mr. Plumber offers a comprehensive water heater maintenance service that thoroughly checks many of the aspects of the unit such as the valves and heating element.

Perhaps the most important item on the water heater maintenance to-do list is what we call a flush and fill. During this operation, we will drain the system completely, clean out any sediment, and refill it.

Over time, this sediment settles at the bottom of the tank and can create clogs, reduce efficiency, and generally shorten the service life of the unit as a whole. Experts recommend a flush-and-fill service every year to get the most out of your water heater.

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