8 Foods You Shouldn’t Put Down The Disposal This Thanksgiving

Pass the cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes! It’s Turkey Day! So, break out your stretchy pants, reserve that comfy spot on the couch for the after-dinner nap and get ready to eat your weight in turkey and dressing.

Whether you’re prepping the meal or cleaning up afterward this Thanksgiving, it’s important to know what you can and can’t put down the garbage disposal to avoid a plumbing disaster. Some foods may go down the disposal, but they’ll wreak havoc the farther they go down the pipes.

Here’s a list of what you should never put down the garbage disposal:

  1. Potato peels
  2. Grease/oil
  3. Egg shells
  4. Bones
  5. Coffee grounds
  6. Celery
  7. Beans
  8. Rice

These foods can cause major plumbing issues when they get into your pipes. The fibers from potato peels and celery can wrap around the teeth of the disposal and stop the motor. Other foods like beans and rice turn into a pasty substance when mixed with water, which will stick to the pipes and clog the trap. And bones will not go down the disposal at all; instead, they will just rattle around until they become lodged in the pipes.

The number of plumbing calls we get increases on Thanksgiving weekend each year. If you have a clog, don’t wait to give Mr. Plumber a call. We have 24/7 emergency service, and we never charge additional fees for holidays, nights, weekends or when the house is full of people and your drain decides to take a nap. Our trust-certified plumbers are here to help whenever you need it, no matter the day or time. And, every plumber we send to your home is state licensed, as required by law in Georgia.

Stuff your turkey, not your drain! And Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Mr. Plumber!

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