How To Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams on A Budget

According to Consumer Reports, bathroom remodeling continues to be one of the most popular home remodeling projects. And we have certainly seen this trend in Atlanta.

But one of the most common concerns with a bathroom remodeling project is cost. Using these tips, you can get the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Plan Ahead

Before you get started on your bathroom remodel, decide on a reasonable budget. You can keep the cost down by leaving bathroom fixtures where they are. Moving your shower, toilet, sinks or bathtub can quickly become difficult and expensive. If you do decide to re-plumb any areas, we recommend hiring a professional plumber.

Think High-Impact

To get the most out of your bathroom remodeling project for your Atlanta area home, pick out the biggest items that will have the most impact, first. Some of these things include:

  • Paint – Color can make a significant impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. Also, paint is inexpensive, and you can cover the walls of most bathrooms with just one can.
  • New vanity – The focal point of most bathrooms is the vanity. You can refinish your existing vanity or get a new one at a very reasonable cost.
  • Lighting – Adding sconces on either side of your mirror or medicine cabinet can also have a high impact at a relatively low cost. Go for side lighting rather than top, as it will give you more flattering light without harsh shadows.
  • Countertop – Like the vanity, the countertop can make a significant impact on the overall feel of the bathroom. Since most bathroom counters are small, you may even be able to fit a high-end stone counter within your budget.

And Don’t Forget the Details

Now that you have picked out many of the larger items and know how much money you have left in your bathroom remodeling budget, you can begin to choose some of the details.

  • Upgrade faucets – Get new faucets for your sinks that go with the rest of your new bathroom.
  • Improve your towel holders – Install towel holders that match your new faucets and other hardware.
  • Install a massaging showerhead – A massaging showerhead with multiple settings can make your morning showers much more enjoyable.
  • Frame your mirror – A current trend in bathroom remodeling is framed mirrors and you can reduce the expense of purchasing one by framing your own.

For those with larger budgets, you may want to also consider upgrading your bathtub, shower enclosure and toilet.

Using these tips, you can get the bathroom of your dreams and still stay within your budget.

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