How Much Does A Sump Pump Repair Cost In Atlanta?

Sump pump repairs in Atlanta aren’t uncommon.

If you’re faced with a broken unit, you’re probably wondering how much a sump pump repair will cost you.

The average Atlanta sump pump repair costs $638. The minimum repair costs around $75 and the max you can expect to spend on repairing your sump pump is $1,300.

Of course the price changes depending on:

  • Difficulty of repair
  • Labor
  • Your warranty

So, let’s take a look at all of the things that affect your sump pump repair cost.

Difficulty of repair

There are many parts on a sump pump. Sometimes, defective parts can be repaired and sometimes they need to be completely replaced.

To help you get a better idea of what you’ll be expected to pay, we’ll discuss the most common repairs and whether it is more cost effective to repair/replace that part or completely replace the entire sump pump.

You’ll most likely want to repair/replace a part if…

  • You have a bad switch

    Problems with your switch are relatively less expensive than motor or electrical issues. We suggest you choose to replace the switch. Sump pump switches are relatively inexpensive. For $25 and an hour or so of your time, you can repair this part yourself. Or you can pay a bit more to have a professional install this for you.

  • You have problems with the float

    Floats can become damaged over time. If it’s damaged and has taken on water, it will get weighed down and won’t lift with rising water. If this is the case, we suggest you replace the float instead of opting for an entirely new unit.

  • Your check valve is bad

    The most common problem with check valves is that they can lock up over time or air can get into the valve, causing water to flow back into the sump basin. If this is the case, repairing the check valve can be done quickly by a professional.

You’ll most likely want to replace the entire unit if…

  • Your sump pump motor has problems

    Although it depends on the scope of repair needed, we generally suggest replacing your sump pump entirely if you have motor issues. Why? Motor problems usually indicate that your unit is on its way out and the cost to replace the motor is usually more than ⅓ the cost of a new sump pump.

  • Your sump pump has electrical damage

    Electrical issues generally mean more expensive repairs. Sump pumps often suffer damage from power surges. So, if the issue is electrical damage, you may end up finding it more cost effective to replace the entire unit.

    However, if the issue is that the unit doesn’t receive power during storms, we suggest investing in a back-up sump pump system. These units are either battery-powered or water-powered and kick on automatically when they sense that your primary unit isn’t receiving power.

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  • Your unit has a bent/broken impeller

    Bent or damaged impellers are common and are virtually impossible to fix cheaply. We suggest replacing the entire unit if you have a broken impeller.


The labor is usually the bulk of the price you pay for repairs. Depending on the contractor you hire, you may find yourself paying a flat fee or per hour.

We suggest getting a quote from various companies before picking your contractor. But don’t make your decision based on price alone. Higher quality contractors may cost more but they will ensure that your unit is serviced correctly (the first time) and lives as long as possible.

Need help weeding out the lower quality plumbers? Check out our article, 7 Important Questions For Your Next Plumber.


The type of warranty and insurance you have on your sump pump will also affect the cost of your sump pump repair. There are two things to pay attention to when it comes to your warranty:

  • What does it cover
  • How long does it last

Most appliances are covered by 3 different types of warranties:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty- Offered by the manufacturer and is automatic when you purchase the unit. Typically lasts for a set amount of time and afterwards you can extend the warranty if you like. However, usually after the 2nd year, coverage is limited to parts only (unit replacement costs and labor not included). Note: Keep in mind that manufacturer warranties typically do NOT cover normal “wear and tear”, damage caused after the item leaves the factory, rust or corrosion, etc.
  • Retail warranty- These are offered by the store you purchased the unit from and usually last for 6 months. If any repairs are needed within those 6 months, you have to take the unit to that retail store specifically.
  • Home service warranty- Also called “labor warranties” these are offered by local service providers. Coverage and length vary according to the plan you choose.

Other things to keep in mind

If you know you’ll need a repair, write down your sump pumps make and model number and other rating information (horsepower, gpm rating, etc.). Have that information ready to give to the plumber over the phone when you set up your appointment. That way, your plumber can bring the right size/new part with him, avoiding a supply trip which will add to cost.

Keep in mind that if your repair costs more than ⅓ the cost of a new sump pump, it is probably more cost effective in the long run to replace the entire unit.

If your sump pump is older than 7 years old, it may be wiser to replace the unit entirely (especially if it is prone to breaking down/needing repairs).

Need a sump pump repair? Get help from an ATL plumber

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So, if your sump pump needs a repair, don’t wait.

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