Prepare Your Plumbing Plan For Winter This Fall

Football’s on TV, leaves are falling from the trees, the weather is crisper, days shorter. What should you do when it’s halftime? We say, be productive (during at least one of the games) and get your plumbing plan ready for winter.

The average person can complete the following fall plumbing fundamentals in the time it takes your team to get back on the field. And you would score some points with your significant other for not failing to plan. Because if you fail to plan, your pipes might fail you this winter.

Turn off your outdoor sprinkler system and drain the lines.

The mess and cost to replace burst sprinkler lines is outrageous. Please take the time to turn off your system and drain. Otherwise, you might be in for a nasty surprise of burst pipes, leaking water, and a ruined lawn.

Insulate your exposed pipes.

We’re not in Alaska, but it gets cold enough here for your exposed pipes to burst at just the wrong time. Take a little time and do it now. Seriously.

Schedule an inspection of your water heater unless you like cold showers in the dead of winter.

Imagine: It’s December 24. It’s cold outside and you’ve been working hard and it’s time for a hot shower. You go to turn on your shower and the hot water runs cold. You go to check your water heater and it has leaked water all over the floor. Not good. Also, completely avoidable.

It is easy to schedule a water heater inspection using your smartphone while you sit on the couch playing fantasy football and eating Tostitos.

Later, you’ll be thanking us as you sing in the hot shower.

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