Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Own Water Heater

  • Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge and materials required for a water heater Installation. This process involves more than just attaching a water line. A licensed, professional plumber will arrive with all the correct fittings, pipes, parts, tools and venting materials and valves needed to install the job correctly the first time. Many professional plumbers will also include removal and disposal of your old water heater as part of their service.
  • A professional plumber may be able to repair your water heater instead of replace it. If your water heater’s problem is diagnosed as a defective heating element or faulty valve, it can be fixed. A professional plumber’s experience is the difference between a minor repair and an unnecessary investment in a new water heater.
  • A professional plumber provides safety and security you can live with. Professional plumbers are licensed and bonded to ensure your safety. Most provide warranties covering each installation.
  • Homeowners may not select the right water heater for their needs and specifications. It’s not as simple as replacing a 40-gallon water heater with another 40-gallon model. There are hundreds of sizes and options available today. Fuel sources, energy efficiency, fast recovery, venting and anticipated demand are all factors that must be considered in order to determine the correct model for your hot water needs.
  • Local codes and ordinances may not permit self-installation. Regulations governing water heater installation vary by city. Professional plumbers are familiar with the rules and regulations in each city they service.

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