3 Simple Spring Cleaning Jobs That Will Both Save Money And Increase Home Comfort

Who in the world actually enjoys spring cleaning? It’s bothersome, and you normally feel like you have something better you could be doing.

But what if you knew that the cleaning you were doing was not only saving you money, but also increasing the comfort of your home?

Here are 3 spring cleaning jobs that will do just that.

Draining your water heater

Most people forget their water heater even exists, but it needs to be drained periodically.

You see, sediment (dissolved minerals) works its way into your water heater over time. Since it’s heavier than water, it settles at the bottom of your tank and builds up. Thus, you need to drain the sediment out at least once a year (known as flushing your water heater.)

How this increases comfort: Sediment buildup reduces the water-holding capacity of your tank. In other words, you’ll have less hot water to use.

This can be problematic in the morning when everyone is showering, and you’re suddenly sprayed with bone-chilling cold water. Buildup of sediment can also reduce water pressure and the temperature of the water delivered.

How this saves you money: Sediment attacks the metal inside your tank, causing the tank to corrode over time and leak from the bottom. Worst case scenario you’ll have serious water damage to your home. So, draining your water heater will extend its life and prevent water damage in your home.

Changing your air filter

Your air filter is probably filthy after using your furnace so much this winter (especially since the Atlanta area had a freaky extended winter this year). So, you should change it if you haven’t done it in a while.

How this increases comfort: Dirty air filters block airflow, which restricts how much cooled air you’ll have in your home. This can cause your air conditioner to struggle to keep your home cool.

How this saves you money: Blocked airflow also means that your air conditioner will need to run longer and harder in order to properly cool your home, increasing your utility bill. The increased stress on your cooling system can also lead to expensive air conditioning repairs.

Installing a dehumidifier

While dehumidifiers are a godsend for the southeast considering the humidity levels we have here, they can also be great for spring cleaning as well.

How this increases comfort: Dehumidifiers have a few perks. From a spring cleaning perspective, they can reduce the growth of dust mites and mold which need higher levels of humidity to thrive.

And, while they don’t reduce the actual temperature in your home, it does reduce how hot you feel in your home.

How this saves you money: Since dehumidifiers reduce how hot it feels in your home, you’ll use your air conditioner less, lowering your energy bill.

Spring cleaning you can get excited about

While spring cleaning isn’t any fun, you’ll be more motivated to do it knowing you’ll get immediate as well as long-term rewards from it.

While changing your air filter and installing a dehumidifier are straightforward jobs, draining your water heater requires some guidance.

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