Top 3 Home Disasters That Can Ruin Your Holiday Gatherings

We’ve served the Atlanta area since 1966 and have worked through our share of winter holidays. So, we’ve seen firsthand the problems that can arise when there are extra people in your home.

Here’s our own list of the top 3 home disasters that can ruin your holiday gatherings.

Problem 1: The stubbornly clogged toilet

By far the most common home plumbing problem we hear about around the holidays is the clogged toilet.

Extra people in your home eating lots of food can lead to a major backup in your porcelain throne. This is not only inconvenient for your guests, but it is also quite embarrassing for the individual who used thethrone.

How to avoid the problem:

  • If you have a low-flow toilet from the 90s, consider upgrading. Early low-flow toilets are known to clog frequently, especially under heavy use.
  • Don’t flush anything down the toilet except toilet paper (and the usual, of course.) Even facial tissue and other paper products can cause clogs.
  • Keep a plunger in the bathroom so if there is a problem, your guests can try to fix it themselves and avoid embarrassment.
  • Get a whole-home plumbing checkup before the guests show up and make sure there aren’t any underlying problems, like tree roots in the sewer line.

Problem 2: No heat

The heat never goes out at a convenient time. (Is there ever a convenient time for the heat to go out?) So,, it’s no surprise we got several calls from Atlanta homeowners without heat during holiday gatherings.

From your guests’ perspective, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a home without any heat.

How to avoid the problem:

  • Change your air filter. Basic air filters should be changed every 30 days. If you have upgraded to a more efficient air filter, at least check it every month and replace it when it’s dirty.
  • Check your thermostat’s batteries. Some “no heat” calls are simply dead thermostats. Check your thermostat’s battery indicator and change them if the charge is getting low.
  • Get a heating inspection. Just like your car, furnaces and heat pumps work longer and more efficiently when they get regular maintenance. If you haven’t had your heater maintained yet this year, do it now.

Problem 3: Clogged kitchen sink drain

This problem usually isn’t as big a deal to your holiday guests, but can be a nuisance for you if you’re trying to prepare food for them.

Luckily, the clogged kitchen sink drain is also relatively easy to prevent.

How to avoid the problem:

  • Don’t pour fats, grease or cooking oils down your drains. These can solidify in your pipes.
  • Use strainers to keep large food scraps from going down the drain.
  • Throw everything you can in a waste basket rather than relying on the garbage disposal.
  • Never put things like carrots, celery, banana peels, peach pits, bones or poultry skin down the drain. These can damage your garbage disposal, causing clogs.

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