3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

Ugh. The drain in your sink is backed up again. You put egg shells, coffee grinds and that casserole your mother-in-law made down the sink? Ooops.

Well, it seems like a simple clog, so you’d think that liquid drain cleaner would clear it, right?


Liquid drain cleaners aren’t as magical as they seem. Plumbers have dealt with the repercussions of using these cleaners for years, and they do more harm than good. So, to protect your pipes and your air quality, here are three reasons why you should never use liquid drain cleaners.

  1. Liquid drain cleaners can be toxic.
    Chemicals used in commercial drain cleaners, especially off-brand, inexpensive ones, are highly toxic. The fumes aren’t healthy to breathe in and can irritate your nose, eyes and throat. These chemicals can stick around in the air long after the product has gone down the drain, continuing to cause more irritation and unpleasant smells.

  2. Drain cleaners can damage your pipes.
    Because the chemicals in the drain cleaners are so strong, it can cause damage to your pipes. Hydrochloric acid is one of the prominent chemicals in these solutions, and it can damage your pipes by eroding the finish from your pipes, which can be an expensive fix later on.

  3. Liquid drain cleaners might not even get the job done.
    If the clog is more than some eggshells trapped in the pipe, then drain cleaner won’t help it. Sometimes drains back up because of sewer problems or broken pipes, which obviously a drain cleaner won’t fix. Instead of using these harsh chemical cleaners, try using a plunger next time you have a clog.

Get Expert Drain Cleaning in Atlanta

If you have a clog and the plunger doesn’t clear it, call Mr. Plumber. Our expert plumbers can clear your drain without damaging your pipes.

So, stop using liquid drain cleaners (and putting eggshells down the sink), and rely on Mr. Plumber to fix your next clog. Call us or schedule your next appointment online.

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