Diagnosing Your Sewer Problem: 3 Common Causes

If you use your sink, toilet or tub only to find water backing up into your home, you are probably experiencing one of these three common sewer problems.

Drain blockage

The most common cause of sewer problems is a blockage in the drain. If your toilet, tub or sink is backed up but the other drains in your home are still working correctly, you most likely have a problem with that individual drain. You can either contact a drain-clearing professional or attempt to clear the blockage yourself (but make sure you avoid harsh chemical drain cleaners.)

Most clogged drains are a result of improper use of your drains. Toilets should never be used to flush anything, but human waste and toilet paper (even facial tissues can cause clogs) and you should never pour grease down any of your drains. Here are some additional clog prevention tips.

Cracked or collapsed lines

Another common cause of sewer problems is old pipes that have begun to crack or have completely collapsed. These problems can involve major repairs that usually conjure up images of digging equipment and holes in your yard.

Tree Roots

Even if there are no trees directly above your sewer lines, your problem could be a result of tree roots invading your lines. Tree roots can wreak havoc on your sewer line by growing around the pipe and crushing it. They can also grow into the pipe, causing clogs and backups.

In order to tell if tree roots are the cause of your sewer problem, many professional plumbers offer video inspection services so you can make an informed decision on what sewer repairs may be necessary.

A Word About Septic Systems

If you are in an Atlanta area home that still has a septic tank, this could also be the source of your sewer problem. Septic tanks must be regularly maintained to avoid problems. Coolray does not work on septic systems, but we have helped many homeowners with septic to sewer line conversions.

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