3 Warning Signs Your Home’s Sewer Line is Breaking/Broken

A broken sewer line can lead to costly problems in your Atlanta-area home. Knowing the signs that you have one can help you prevent further damage, keeping costs to a minimum.

Here are 3 signs your sewer line may be broken

Also, don’t worry about the hassle of repairing the sewer line. Mr. Plumber has “no dig” technology. That means we can fully repair the old or damaged sewer pipe without having to dig up your front yard (as pictured here).

  1. You smell musky or unnatural odors
    It’s not called a sewer line for nothing. It’s where all of your plumbing exits. So if there’s a crack or break, you’ll smell a foul, musky odor.
  2. Recesses/dips in your lawn
    Have you noticed any indentations in your front lawn? If the sewer line bursts, water may be gushing out and softening the soil, which warps your lawn.
  3. Persistent clogs in multiple drains
    Got water backing up in your toilet and bathtub? You’ve tried to unclog them, but nothing is working.

    A clog or break in the sewer line may be the issue instead. Your home’s drains all lead to the main sewer line. So if there’s a blockage there, then the water could easily back up each drain and into your home.

There’s only one sure-fire way to know

If you’ve noticed any of these 3 signs, you may have a sewer line break. But the only way to really know is to have professional plumbers inspect your sewer line via video inspection.

If we find a break, we can repair your sewer line without digging up your front yard!

Mr. Plumber has been serving the needs of homeowners in the greater Atlanta metro area since 1966.

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