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Mr. Plumber’s state-of-the-art video equipment takes the guesswork out of sewer and water line repairs and replacement. We insert a camera into your problem sewer line to pinpoint the trouble spot and help visually confirm the cause of the problem. This tool is invaluable when it comes to accurately diagnosing and fixing the source of a sewer problem.

As we run the camera down the line, following the flow of water, we are able to identify sections of pipe that have lost grade, collapsed, become infiltrated with roots, or disjointed. Virtually any problem can be discovered and pinpointed when we perform a sewer line inspection. The camera records the problem so that a Mr. Plumber technician can systematically diagnose and fix it.

Key Benefits:

  • Identifies condition of drain lines
  • Locates blockages or bends in line
  • Verifies like-new condition of cleaned pipe
  • Records before and after condition

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