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Mr. Plumber Can Repair Your Leaky Pipes, Faucets, Sinks, and Toilet

Did you know the puddle that forms unexpectedly under your water heater can equate to hundreds of dollars in unexpected home repairs? It’s true. Not only do water leaks cause unexpected increases in your water bill, but a leaky faucet, sink, or toilet can also cause serious damage to your home. As soon as you detect a water leak in your home, it’s critical that you call Mr. Plumber to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Signs You Have a Plumbing Pipe Leak in Your Home

You’ll know immediately if an exposed pipe is leaking or bursts in your home. But if a pipe underground, behind a wall, or under the slab is leaking or bursts, it may not be so obvious.

The following symptoms could indicate you have a plumbing pipe leak in your home:

  • Low water pressure
  • A sudden increase in your water or energy bills
  • You are hearing sounds of water running when your water is turned off
  • Noticeable discoloration and/or wet spots on walls or flooring

Mr. Plumber Will Repair Leaky Plumbing Pipes Throughout Your Atlanta Home

Basement Leak Repair

Did you know that less than 2 inches of standing water in your basement can lead to the growth and spread of mold? As soon as you detect a leak or the presence of any water at all in your basement, it’s important that you call the experts at Mr. Plumber immediately before you experience significant damage to floors, walls, and valuables.

 Bathroom Leak Repair

It’s common for bathtubs, showers, toilets, and faucets to leak. However, you should always call an expert to fix the issue before it becomes a larger problem. The plumbing experts at Mr. Plumber are experienced in bathroom leak repair. When you call us, we will detect the source of the problem and we’ll repair the issue during the same visit. 

Kitchen Leak Repair

From dripping faucets to a leaky dishwasher, kitchen water leaks can be frustrating. They can also turn into a costly problem if left unresolved for too long. Don’t allow your leaky faucet to ruin your beautiful cabinets or hardwood floors. Call the experts at Mr. Plumber to repair the leak today.

Pipe Leak Repair

Brown or discolored water; warm, damp spots; or soaked spots on carpet, walls, or the ceiling; as well as abnormally high water bills are all signs you may have a pipe leaking that needs to be fixed. When you call the professionals at Mr. Plumber, we will arrive quickly and well prepared to fix your pipe issues before any further damage is caused to your home.

Ready For Leak Repair Service? 

Why You Should Choose Mr. Plumber to Repair Water Leaks

  • We give upfront pricing before we start any repair service.

  • Our plumbing equipment and services are backed by the best warranties.

  • We use drop cloths on every job.

  • Our plumbers wear shoe covers at all times in your home and business.

  • We clean up when we’re finished with repairs.

  • We offer flat-rate pricing and quality workmanship at a fair price.

  • Mr. Plumber is state-licensed, and you can trust our certified plumbers.

  • Our work is backed by Mr. Plumber's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • We provide award-winning world-class service and expertise.