How to Clear A Clogged Shower Drain

We can all agree that clogged shower drains are gross. When you’re in the shower trying to get clean, the last thing you want is to be standing ankle-deep in murky, dirty water. A clogged shower drain can ruin your morning routine, or worse, cause you to slip and fall on all the built-up grime.

Here are a few DIY clogged shower drain cleaning tips:

  1. Don’t use chemicals to clear your drain. Chemicals are corrosive and may damage your pipes, which may result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars of damage.
  2. Take the drain cover off and look for the clog. In general, clogs form when hair and other debris gets caught under the drain cover. Take it off and inspect it. Maybe use a flashlight. If you see the clog, pull it out with pliers, or try using a screwdriver. There are also specialized tools available at home supply stores that are designed for tackling this problem.
  3. Pour boiling water down the drain. Even if you’ve pulled the clog out, this is a good step to try to loosen any grime that has built up. Hot, boiling water is an excellent solvent. If your clog is recurring, add this step to your weekly chores.
  4. Use a plunger. Sometimes, a plunger can build up enough pressure to loosen the clog and force it down into the larger pipes to drain out. Of course, fill your shower pan with some water before plunging.
  5. Use a plumbers’ snake or auger. These are also available at home supply stores. A “snake” like apparatus has a claw on the end of it, and it can be pushed down the pipe and rotated to help dislodge the clog.

Still having problems?

If the above fails, it might be a sign that you have a larger plumbing issue, such as roots infiltrating your system. Now’s the time to call Mr. Plumber. We can thoroughly inspect your drainage system with a sewer line video camera to identify and address the issues.

Once the drainage issues are addressed, you can feel good about having clean feet again.

Call the drain cleaning experts.

If you need help with a clogged shower drain, call Mr. Plumber! We are your Atlanta-area source for professional drain cleaning and plumbing services. When you invite one of our licensed plumbers into your home, you can expect quality workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed. Contact Mr. Plumber today.

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